LADD-FRITH Music Catalog NOW Available!!!

Ladd-Frith Music has been around for quite some time. Now has a brand NEW website that kicks butt! Bands like Blackhouse, Pacific 231, Controlled Bleeding, Mr. Bungle, Minimal Man, Asmus Tietchens, Negativland, Le Syndicat, Monochrome Bleu, The Haters, Savage Republic, John Trubee and more have all been in the LF Crew... and we're proud of it.

Pacific 231: This cult classic has been long out-of-print & most sought after by collectors. Now, it's been re-mastered by P.231 especally for this release, and he even threw in an extra track: "Pálinka"! Guest appearances by: DIE FORM, MARY USES RATED, B. WOLF, DOMKI RHIS, LüDKE & ÜBER. This is the power electronics album that sparked a whole generation. The triumph and glory of Pacific 231's electric generator feedback resonates on that third rail of HardNoise! Incredible Industrial!

Le Syndicat: This is about as noisy as you get! Pure plastic bullets of sound rain down like a Humboldt winter. Ouch! This is the original deal right here: Industrial Music. It's plodding & torturous blasts of rhythmic noise punctuated by radio & TV vocals. There's even a 4 minute test pattern to see if your speakers are up to par. This is incredible, blistering noise!